Team Sonic Racing Officially Announced, Out This Winter

Pretend like Walmart didn’t ruin the surprise, Team Sonic Racing has been officially announced by Sega today, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this winter. Oh, and it’s being developed by Sumo Digital, who made the last two rather excellent Sonic racing games.

But there’s no “all-stars” or “transformed” racing in this game, it’s all about teams and racing together. You’re still gunning for the finish line, but you win or lose in teams of three – your finishing position just determines how many points you earn toward the team’s score.

You’ll be able to play with 12 players online, up to four player split screen, with local co-op modes and there’s a single player Team Adventure Mode. Fifteen Sonic characters will be on the roster to choose from, all of which have one of three archetype that can then be tweaked with performance and skin customisations.

So how do you race as a team? Well, you can build up a Team Ultimate boost by skimming past buddies to give them a boost, slipstreaming them for a slingshot boost of your own, transferring Wisps between your team (the series’ abilities introduced in Sonic Colors), and obviously taking down opponents. That Team Ultimate can then be unleashed to give all of you a big speed boost and hopefully propel you to the front of the pack.

It’s an interesting twist for a kart racer, and we’ve been hands on with it earlier today. Expect our thoughts and impressions in the next couple of days!

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