The Multiplayer Trailer For Bus Simulator 18 Is The Best Thing You Will See This Week

Simulating a bus journey should not bring joy, that’s not how the universe works, bus journeys are horrible – but not in video games!

This new trailer for Bus Simulator 18’s online multiplayer is cheesier than a tonne of Edam that has been left in the sun, but it’s so wonderfully geeky and awkward it is brilliant. Just take a look, if you’re not smiling by the end of this ridiculous trailer then you’re dead inside.


Bus Simulator 18 for PC will be available on June 13th and will let you manage your own bus company with up to three friends. “Not only will players get the chance to manage and expand their bus fleet or create their own network of routes in Bus Simulator 18, they will also be able to chat with each other in real-time and start driving their buses synchronously,” say Stillalive Studios.

“While driving around the city they will not only be able to meet and see each other in real-time as well, but also change buses to get a lift with one of their colleagues or completely switch buses to complete the route of another bus driver.”

Source: YouTube

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  1. That’s jolly amusing.

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