Sony To Announce Four New Games Before E3

Sony have said they aren’t announcing any big games during their E3 conference (shyeah, chinny chin chin!) but they are following the same pattern as last year and announcing a load of games in the run up to E3, starting with the first announcement this Wednesday. Here’s what they have got planned.

  • Wednesday, June 6th- Announce: New PS4 Game With PS VR Support
  • Thursday, June 7th – Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title
  • Friday, June 8th – Announce: New PS4 Game
  • Saturday, June 9th- Announce: New PS VR Game
  • Sunday, June 10th – Details: An Eagerly Anticipated Game Comes to PS VR

Any guesses to what these may be? The release date could be Days Gone, that seems a safe bet, but what is the “eagerly anticipated” game coming to PSVR? The only game I want on PSVR at the moment is Beat Saber, but maybe they’ve got round to patching Elite Dangerous in to VR, or possibly Alien Isolation, the website for which has been mysteriously under maintenance.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. I think the eagerly anticipated game coming to psvr will be dreams

    • I’m not entirely sure that’s “eagerly anticipated” is it? I’d forgotten it was even a thing until recently.

      But that’s Media Molecule, which comes under the “worldwide studios” label, so that’s probably Thursday for the release date.

      • They’ve already revealed that VR will be available from day one in Dreams, so i don’t think it’ll be one of the pre-E3 reveals unless it’s confirmation of a release date – but i am eagerly anticipating it, especially after watching the latest music creation video.. It’s about an hour long but well worth a look.

    • Can you believe Dreams was announced over five years ago? Crazy.

    • Can you believe Dreams was announced over five years ago? Crazy.

  2. My guesses

    1. Resident evil 2 remake
    2. Last of us 2
    3. Devil may cry 5 or bloodbourne
    4. Playstation party games

  3. The “eagerly anticipated” game could well be something disappointing like Beat Saber. Which looks reasonably fun, if it a bit too energetic, but probably just ends up getting released unexpectedly without any announcement.

    Elite Dangerous for PSVR would be good, but seems unlikely. Alien Isolation would be a terrible idea for VR and would kill many people.

    No Man’s Sky getting VR support seems to be a popular rumour based on all their recent shenanigans. And would probably lead to more death threats than anyone can imagine if it doesn’t happen.

    • Alien Isolation is been VR on PC for ages.

      • Has it? Nobody told me.

        Presumably because they all died of fright. Or are still hiding from the alien, too terrified to come out.

        Actually, it’s not officially supported is it? It’s some mod someone made. Although VR support was possibly there in the first place but was for demo purposes only. And they realised it’s be even more terrifying than RE7 and they’d probably get sued.

  4. Hopefully something meaty for PSVR – there’s still time to surprise us Bethesda – but i’m looking forward to all the reveals.

  5. Thursday, June 7th – Release Date for an Upcoming Worldwide Studios Title

    This is definitely Dreams. They’ve been showing it off to the press over the past month, giving hands on with the ‘game’ so it must be getting near release.

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