Dave Bautista Eyes The Role Of Marcus Fenix In The Gears Of War Movie

Eight years ago reports of a Gears of War movie were making the rounds. From 2010 to now we’ve seen major changes in the world, both political and non-political. Heck, a new gaming generation has been introduced and become the norm. Also in 2010 Dave Bautista left WWE and went on hiatus for three years. He then went back for a stint in 2013 to 2014 but then a certain Guardians of the Galaxy was released and cemented Dave Bautista as a bonafide actor, despite having acted in 2012’s Spectre.

Now Dave Bautista is known for his role as Drax in the Marvel cinematic universe, as well as his dramatic performance in Blade Runner 2049. However there is a role that he is looking at pursuing and that is of Marcus Fenix in a potential Gears of War movie. Dave Bautista revealed this information during a GameSpot Q&A session with fans.


It could be a good casting. Who do you think could also be part of the movie?

Source: Twitter via Screenrant

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  1. Great choice. Always thought Rich Piana would have made a great Phoenix if he acted. Dude looked exactly like him. Ronnie Coleman as the Cole Train – man all those dudes could have been cast as the Gears if they were actors.

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