Skate 3 Seems To Have Have Been Turned On Again, But Why?

Reports are coming in that for reasons unknown EA have turned the Skate 3 servers back on, specifically the community servers that let you share parks, the question is, why? Well there’s one obvious answer, the game has recently become backwards compatible on Xbox One but even so, the player base will be incredibly small and not justify the cost of turning the servers back on. Perhaps Microsoft are going to include the title with Games with Gold in the future?

Another possibility is we’re going to have a Skate 3 Remastered reveal at E3, EA renewed the Skate trademark in February this year, but if that is the case then they might need to do a bit of work on the game’s physics engine, check out the video below.

Of course there’s always the possibility of Skate 4. Activision have dumped Tony Hawk so maybe EA have snapped him up to reboot their franchise.

Source: Twitter

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