Hysterical “Skate 3” Video Compilation

Everybody raved about the Skate series (and Skate 3 in particular) but I always found them a bit dull and lifeless. Sorry, EA.

The physics engine, though, was pretty good – solid, realistic and predictable.


Yeah…  Hurry up, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.


  1. I’m dying here.

  2. I love skate, only have the first and second, and ive had so many of these type of glitches. Very funny video :)

  3. Haha love it. The part from 2:08-2:38 made me properly laugh though.

    • Yeah, I laughed out loud a few times. Great video.

  4. Loved Skate 2 but 3 came a bit too soon after IMO. Still good games.

  5. 2:09 – Neville Longbottom’s first flying lesson at Hogwarts.
    “Up! Up! Up! UP!” *whack*

  6. this video is both childish and immature and not very representative of the truly awesome skate 3..

    but the bit where the dude front flips and the other dude gets the board in his head

    • I actually preferred the frontflip takedown before the one you described. Skate 3 meets WWE! :D

  7. ABOUT 1.30 MARK

  8. LOL ,amazing. I love the skate games maybe because i’m a skateboarder myself.I love the flick it system.Never really experienced many glitches though.

  9. i don’t have any sound here, but i’m playing the benny hill theme in my mind

  10. ha ha, some good ones there.

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