[UPDATE] Black Ops III Drops Onto PlayStation Plus Today As A Bonus, Download Here

Activision are drawing on the heritage of the Black Ops series and the many multiplayer maps that have been made for it by remastering some of the classics for Black Ops 4. Those four maps are Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range, coming as part of the Back in Black pre-order bonus. They’re also coming to Black Ops 3 to lead into the new game’s release.

But what if you don’t own Black Ops 3? Well, PlayStation Plus owners have a nice surprise waiting for them in the Instant Game Collection, as from 11th June to 11th July, you can download Black Ops 3 for free.

UPDATE: Click this link to head over to the PlayStation Store and download your free bonus copy of Call of Duty; Black Ops IIII!

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  1. Nice. Already played the SP campaign but can’t complain for free.

  2. Still pretty pricey pre-owned so a great gesture from Sony. I like CoD WW2 despite being awful but I’ve not played any of the BO games so I’m pretty excited about it.

  3. Now it’s finally downloaded, I’ve decided the MP part of it is a bit rubbish. Mainly due to terrible matchmaking. There’s loads of new people playing it, but you end up against someone who’s level 1000??

    The campaign is the usual entertaining nonsense. But it seems like nobody actually plays it. The trophy for finishing is at 10.1%, and that’s for “any difficulty”. I’ve played the first couple of missions on a harder difficulty, and I’ve got a 8.5% trophy. I’m not even going to attempt it on the hardest difficulty though. Not after the swearing at the Modern Warfare remaster recently. Bloody annoying abandoned fairground place.

    But nice to have it for free. Except their cunning plan to use it as a way to convince me to buy the next game won’t work if it’s missing the single player campaign. Nice try though.

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