You Can’t Use Your Fortnite Account On Switch If It’s Been Used On PS4

There’s a brouhaha occurring on the internet tonight as it has emerged that if you had linked your Epic Games account to your PlayStation 4 to play Fortnite you cannot use the same account to play the game on Switch. If you had played on mobile, PC, or Xbox One the account is not locked and works fine.

According the message displayed this is not the fault of Epic, and even worse if you unlink your account from your PlayStation 4 it still remains locked and unable on used on Switch.


There’s a lot of angry people demanding this be fixed and it does appear to be a problem created by Sony. They have yet to respond to the situation.

Source: Reddit

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  1. It’s ridiculous that this is still an issue, and it’s been the case since day one of Fortnite. When I first downloaded Fortnite I did so on Xbox One and played a match, then wanted to play on PS4, but ended up in a boot loop because of the conflict with Xbox One and having previously played Paragon on PS4.

    It’s certainly to do with the revenue share that platform holders get from microtransactions on their respective systems, and it seems to only be Sony that care about this. There has to be a better way than saying you can’t back out and that it’s permanent.

  2. You can play on PC with a PS4 account,. It likely an Epic problem due to how they setup account links and how content is tied to accounts.

    Firstly if you have a PS4 why would you want to play the inferior switch port?

    Secondly, people’s expectations are way out, if they think they can transfer purchases between closed platforms, Microsoft, Nintendo, Google, Apple, Netflix all do this, it’s perfectly normal, so why at Sony doing it?

    • The Switch is a portable device so you can take it with you and play elsewhere, not so easy with the PS4.

      • It’s called remote playback, it’s much easier and much cheaper…

    • I am going on holiday soon. Would be nice to be able to carry on with my and my daughter’s battle pass while away. Can’t lug the ps4 around with me. Same as would need to buy two battle passes for each system. It’s a pain in the rear end. Sort it out SONY!

    • Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t doing it in this case. In fact they are opening up a few cross platform games, such as Rocket League and Minecraft.

    • It’s divided. You can either have your account cross between PS4, PC and mobile, or you can have Xbox, PC, Mobile and now Switch. If you sign in on PS4, you can’t then sign in on Xbox One or Switch with the same account, and vice versa. The problem is that you can’t switch camps with your Epic account (not PSN or Xbox, Epic). Ever.

      This is trickier with purchases, where it’s somewhat understandable that Sony don’t want to have Xbox purchases grant content on their platform, but then they’re A-OK with Battle Pass purchases from PC or mobile filtering through to PS4.

      Also, the Switch port is actually really good!

  3. Should Sony be legally allowed to control Epic accounts and limit users?

    Surely the EU will be looking at this?

    • Why? They should also investigate everyone else too…

      There is nothing new in this at all, it’s been happening across mobile apps, games, music and movies for years.

      Ever since you could buy something online, it’s been a way to lock you in due to that purchase. Google, apple, Microsoft, netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Sony are all at it.

      • You’re avoiding the point & you’re doing it on purpose.

        Sony are seizing a 3rd party account & locking it to their console where as both Nintendo & Microsoft are not.

        That is the issue & it’s a major issue.

    • I think the EU have more important things to worry about than Fortnite though.

  4. I don’t see what the issue is here tbh. If other platforms want to allow this, good for them. What was it that EA said recently, “Either Accept it or don’t buy it”?

    Is this not like expecting permission to transfer multi-platform gave save files between different platforms? For example, If you owned a PS4 for 5 years but decided to switch to XB1 – and expecting to be able to use your save files for your extensive library of mulit-platform games?

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