Here’s Another Look At Media Molecule’s Dreams

Fresh from E3 we have a new video showing the types of games you can create in Media Molecule’s Dreams including a 2D platformer, a 360 degree space combat sim, and a dark adventure. It does looks like you can create almost anything, including a heavy metal banana.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Really looking forward to playing about with this – especially the music creation!

    • I watched the video of the music tools someone (quite probably you) linked to last week.

      It’s very impressive. Almost at the level of proper music software, right down to the piano roll and the timeline view. Presumably missing a few things, although anyone who has ever tried to pick the right instrument out of hundreds of plugins might appreciate a limited choice.

      I suspect quite a few people may be using it for the music and adding weird visuals to their compositions. (Anyone old enough to remember the Amiga will know exactly the sort of thing I’m expecting)

      • Yeah, Dreams looks like it might comfortably replace Octamed Soundstudio + Deluxe Paint + those keyframe animation programs (which would take an hour to render a 30 second animation) + 3D rendering programs (which would take an hour or more to render just one frame of an animation) !

      • I looks like it can definitely do way more than good old Octamed could.

        It’s more like the level of a reasonably priced bit of modern music software. Presumably it can’t record or import audio, or export. Apart from that and support for the endless supply of plugins, and maybe a bit of extra work needed to do some things, it looks like it’s about there.

      • You can record/sample with the camera mic (plausibly headset mic too although i haven’t heard the that specifically mentioned). Naturally that won’t be high quality but they also have a feature where you can take anything you’ve recorded previously on any other device and upload it to their website and then access it via the Dreams interface for import etc.

      • I think the biggest learning curve will be the navigation of so many tools and options with so relatively few buttons.

      • Even better then if you can import sounds.

        And I’m intrigued as to how you could do things in VR as input for a musical instrument.

        A VR theremin would probably work quite well. Actually, I’d probably pay money just for that.

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