TSA E3 Bingo 2018 Results

Another E3 has come and gone, and so now all that’s left is to tally up the results and decide who gets to proudly wear the ‘I won TSA E3 Bingo’ badge for 2018.

Just to remind you, the winner is not the person with the most number of correct choices, but the person with the highest score. The points system was weighted towards rewarding those that chose the options that we thought were less likely to happen, or downright ridiculous. Of course, we thought one thing would be utterly ridiculous, and then vastly overestimated the number of points that it was worth.

Where was the red-haired face-painted cockney lady from Battlefield V? Surely EA would have doubled down on featuring the woman from the game’s front cover, no? No. That one option that the wouldn’t appear was weighted at 25 points, and so there’s a very clear divide between those that picked it and those that didn’t.

That’s why we’ve taken the diplomatic cop-out and have decided to work out the results with it being worth both 25 points (labelled ‘Total Score (25)’) and at a more reasonable 3 points (labelled ‘Total Score (3)’). There’s also a few options which we awarded reduced points for being kind of close, but not quite there.

Here's what happened...

EA Play Conference

  • The Battlefield V gameplay demo doesn’t feature a face-painted cockney lady with a prosthetic arm (25/3)
  • Anthem continues to look a lot like Destiny (1)
  • A new EA Original title appears for maximum emotional impact (2)
  • They don’t say sorry once (1)

Microsoft’s E3 Conference

  • The words “Console Launch Exclusive” are used five or more times (2)
  • Forza Horizon 4 announced (1)
  • Gears of War 5 announced (3)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 unveiled on Microsoft’s stage and it’s “better on Xbox One X” (3)

Bethesda E3 Conference

  • Fallout 76 is confirmed to be an online survival game (1)
  • They make reference that all their big reveals were leaked (2)
  • We get to check in on The Elder Scrolls card game (1)
  • Bethesda announce long rumoured sci-fi RPG Starfield (3)

Devolver Digital E3 Conference

  • The Devolver Digital Conference has a lot of blood (1)

Square Enix E3 Conference

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 is shown (1)
  • Just Cause 4 is announced (4)

Ubisoft E3 Conference

  • A monkey swears in a Beyond Good & Evil 2 demo (2)
  • Another Nintendo/Rabbids collaboration (2) – Half points awarded for Star Fox (1)
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is officially revealed and ALL of the stuff detailed in the leak turns out to be true (3) *pick one

Sony E3 Conference

  • Sony do not reveal any new first party games during their conference (2)
  • PUBG is not announced for PlayStation 4 (2)
  • Remedy’s new IP demoed on Sony’s stage (3) – Trailer and gameplay is close enough (2)

Nintendo E3 Direct

  • Fortnite announced for Nintendo Switch (1)
  • A new Star Fox game is in development (2) – Ubisoft game cameo for half points (1)


  • A Twitch streamer / Youtube ‘influencer’ makes a press conference appearance and manages to string together a coherent sentence (3)
  • Devil May Cry 5 is announced (2)

Before we get to the real results though, let’s check in with the staff that took part, first wit

Rank Staff Total Score (25)
1 ARAN 32
2 teflon 14
3 Tuffcub 10
4 gazzagb 7
5 Dom El 2

But that all changes if we

Rank Staff Total Score (3)
1 teflon 14
2 ARAN 10
3 Tuffcub 10
4 gazzagb 7
5 Dom El 2

Tuffcub has slipped down the rankings after last years’ win, with Aran and Teflon being the hot shots of TSA Towers.

Of course, the real reason you’re here is to see how the whole community did, so without further ado, here’s the top 3 for both scoring systems:

Rank User Total Score (25)
1 DuffyBox 37
2 Double-o-dave 36
kjkg 36
kurczij 36
mrfodder 36
3 StevenHibs 34
Takyu 34

And now with the adjusted scores:

Rank User Total Score (3)
1 chrishowells100 20
2 aerobes 15
DuffyBox 15
Mk1995 15
3 Double-o-dave 14
fragster 14
GamerPAB 14
kjkg 14
kurczij 14
mrfodder 14
Tarbun 14
teflon 14

So, congratulations to Duffybox and chrishowells100 who are our winners for 2018’s TSA E3 Bingo! In the first scoring system, 7 players were seperated by just 3 points, whereas Chris rolled a natural 20 in our alternative scores, with everyone else tightly bunched together further behind.

If like me, you weren’t blessed with the gift of E3 Bingo predicting, then head on to the second page to see the full results for both scoring systems.

And with that, the curtain closes on another TSA E3 Bingo. We hope you’ll join us again next year!

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  1. Rather chuffed to be one of the winners, thanks TSA!

  2. Though not sure why when I post I’m theicebucket when my entry was under my username chrishowells100

    • It seems all the results were calculated using the username, rather whatever nickname you’ve also added. I was just “yd” when I first registered my account here, but then I changed the display name to MrYd. Which matches my PSN profile name and has the added benefit of making it clear I’m not a lady but a man.

      Or am I? Maybe I just got the capitalisation wrong and it should be MRYd? My real name is Muriel Roberta Yd?

      I suspect I won’t get away with that claim for long. Some people here have heard me while playing games.

  3. 10th! ✌🏼

  4. Somewhere in the middle of the field, seems ok to me. But I’m proud I’m ranked higher in the list than TSBonyman and Tuffcub… ;o)

  5. 2nd and 12th. If you ain’t first, you’re last.

  6. Contact me if you’d like to purchase a signed copy of a printout of this web page or any insider info on next year’s E3.

    Congrats everyone on a high scoring year, looking forward to the next one! :D

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