Dead Or Alive 6: Boobs Will Be Less Jiggly

When Dead or Alive 6 was revealed people were shocked by the costumes worn by the female fighters. They seemed to be wearing clothes rather than strips of fabric held together by cobwebs, clearly impractical and would not hold a pea in place let alone an extra jiggly bosom or two.

Koei Tecmo have said they have toned down flesh due to a “global trend” for sexualisation to be toned down, “so everyone can play without being embarrassed.”


“This is a fighting game,” producer and game director Yohei Shimbori told Eurogamer. “We felt people were not looking at this as a pure fighting game. They were looking into something that was the wrong direction. So we wanted to make sure this is a fighting game first.”

There will also be changes to the game’s ridiculous breast physics, they won’t be removed completely but will be more realistic. “We are trying to achieve some natural movement, so when you move, things move naturally. That’s our intention,” said Shimbori.

Source: Euorgamer

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. There’s a part of me that’s crying inside but really this is a great move, the trailer is positively holy compared to the perve-battles of previous games. If we can balance out the jiggly boobs of yesteryear with some giant, wobbly man meat and unwieldy, floppy gonads I think we can probably get to a utopian future where perverts of all orientation can enjoy ogling oversized sexy parts while the realism fans revel in health loss from being smacked in the face with a wayward boob or an instant K.O. from a bollock crushing hadouken.

  2. I think that producer is a right TIT for getting rid of them wobbly boobs ;()

    • Maybe they will include the cheat code where you put your age to 99 for extra bounce =0

  3. I guess this won’t affect the DOA Beach Boobies game?

    • The one where you go rock climbing in a bikini?

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