The Brawn BGP-001 & Williams FW25 Are Pre-Order & ‘Day One’ Bonuses For F1 2018

One of the best things about last year’s F1 game was how it brought together a collection of classic cars and integrated them into the career mode. That’s set to continue for F1 2018, as Codemasters have unveiled two new classic cars, the Brawn BGP-001 and Williams FW23, with the caveat that they are pre-order and ‘Day One’ edition bonuses. You will be able to buy them separately at a later date, however.


F1 fans will remember the BGP-001 (and it’s retrospectively amusing triple digit number) as the car driven by Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button on his way to winning the 2009 World Drivers Championship. Less illustrious was the life of the FW25, though it featured in Juan Pablo Montoya’s tilt at the WDC in 2003 and saw Williams as the runner up to the then dominant Ferrari team in the Constructors Championship. What Williams fans would give to get back to those days!

F1 2018 is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 24th August.

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  1. I watched the IGN Live E3 interview with Lee Mather (from Codies) and, when asked, he wouldn’t say which classic cars would be included with the game. All he would say is that the classics would be revealed between now and release.

    One thing I forgot to ask on the Codies forum was if you could use an old gearbox in practice sessions and change to your race one before P3 or Qualifying without getting a penalty. You cannot in F1 2017 which is very annoying.

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