It’s Sale Time On The PlayStation Store, Games Under £12 And Games Under £4

When is not sale time on the PlayStation Store? I think if there ever is a day without a sale then it’s probably a sign the apocalypse is on it’s way, but for now we can rest easy as there are loads of sales all running at once.

There’s a games under £4 sale which you can find here, with the likes of Goat Simulator, Octodad (including PS Vita cross-buy), Drunken Bar Fight for PSVR, Grow Home, and my top pick, Sky Force Reloaded. Oh, and The Bunker and Burly Men at Sea, also worth a flutter at that price. There’s quite a few PSVR games so if you have a fancy hat you should take a look.


The Deal of the Week is Ark: Survival Evolved and all it’s DLC packs which have had fairly substantial reductions, and then we get to the main event, games under £12 with titles such as  Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, Yakuza Zero, Fallout 4, Titan Fall 2.

If that’s not enough, then there’s yet another sale on featuring a load of retro games.

Today is also the last day of the Days of Play Sale, you can find more about that here.

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  1. Nothing substantial that i can see in the PSVR sale but they are cheap. Any recommendations?
    Or alternatively i’m looking at The Talos Principle and/or Deadlight.

    • Talos Principle is definitely something I’d recommend at that price. Assuming you like swearing at puzzles that are so bloody obvious once you figure them out. As puzzles should be.

      Everything in that sale seems to have been on sale at least monthly since a month or 2 after release.

    • The Dirt Rally VR Bundle is tempting at £11.49
      I can’t personally recommended as haven’t played it yet myself but I have read good things.
      I only have a controller and no wheel though so not sure quite how immersive it will be for me.

      • Definitely a bargain there.

        Although you only get half a car to drive. Which is weird. You can stick your head through the car and look outside, and the back half is missing. Apparently it hasn’t got wheels either.

        But sit in the car normally, and you won’t notice.

        And absolutely worth it at that price. Even if you’re just playing with a DS4.

      • Thanks matey, will have to give it a go then.

    • Drunken Bar Fight is meant to be basic but fun, not worth full price but under £4 I am tempted.

    • I’ll grab Talos Principle and skip the VR stuff for now. Just got around to playing the Apex Construct VR demo which was better than i expected so i’ll have to grab that next time it’s on sale.

      • You’ve reminded me I really should get around to solving one last puzzle. It’s in the DLC (which is included with the PS4 version) and it’s huge and confusing.

      • Talos Principle is great! Just completed the first two areas and unlocked the elevator thanks to finding the spare pieces. Game looks great with beautiful locations and the terminals add a layer of intrigue.

      • You’ll hate it by the weekend once you get some horribly impossible puzzle.

        And then love it again once you realise how obvious the solution was at some point between 5 minutes and a day after giving up.

        This will keep happening until you get to the hard bits of the DLC. At which point you’ll wish horrible things would happen to the developers, their families, and anyone they’ve ever met.

  2. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this somewhat impromptu live auction. The items available today are, 1 Kidney, 1 Lung and 1 Eye. May I start the bidding at 1 £50 PSN top-up card? Do I have 1 £50 PSN top-up card? Yes, you Sir at the back in the straight-jacket and Hannibal mask. Do I have 1 £50 PSN top-up card?

  3. There always seems to be a sale on.

  4. Still waiting for a deal on the 2nd AC Origins DLC…

    • Is 40% off not enough of a deal? You’ve got just under 31 hours to pick it up for £9.59

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