Report: PlayStation Now To Offer Game Downloads Later This Year

A few days ago an image popped up on Reddit that seemed to show an option to download a game that was streaming from PlayStation Now. There was no other evidence to back up the image but now Kotaku have spoken to an “industry source” who has said that full game downloads will be coming to the PlayStation Now streaming service this September.

The download option will only be available for PlayStation 4 games initially and you will be be able to play offline. As long as you have an active PlayStation Now subscription you will be able to play the games.

If this information is correct it does make PlayStation Now a more tempting offer. PS Now has considerably more games than the Xbox Games Pass, over 300 at the last count, but Xbox Owners get first party games free as part of their pass, will Sony follow suit?

I’m not sure that they will, there’s no reason to as they are market leader and PS exclusives always go to the top the charts, and there are far more them at present. Perhaps Sony will add a Premium tier to PS Now, jacking up the price a little but allowing day one access to the exclusives.

Source: Reddit / Kotaku

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  1. Sony realising that for most games low latency inputs are a must. Streaming just not possible to the level where the games remain enjoyable to play and not frustrating.

    • That depends on your ISP though. If you’ve got a connection with a reasonable speed, and more importantly a low enough latency, PS Now works well enough for most things.

      Obviously, downloading the game is going to be better, but it’s a surprisingly decent solution streaming them. And the only option for PS3 games, which aren’t going to happen on the PS4.

      What are the chances of a PS5 being powerful enough to emulate PS3 games?

      • I have sub 10ms latency. Trust me, it isn’t good enough for games that require quick inputs.

      • That’s impressively low.

        But mine’s higher than that (as is the case for most people), and trust me, it’s perfectly fine for streaming most games.

        I guess if you’re really good at certain fighting games that involve ridiculous timing for long combos, it might be an issue. And I certainly wouldn’t want to try any music games. For most people and most games, it’s really not.

      • You cannot play racing or FPS games with even low latency. It just doesn’t work. FIFA is hard enough playing online with the lag multiplayer has, imagine throwing input lag to that as well! It only works for some games. It isn’t going to take over a local copy any time soon – which is one of the reason Sony are going to be offering downloads.

      • You might struggle playing them online against other people playing locally rather than streaming.

        But racing or FPS games generally work fine on PS Now.

        If you’re one of the best players in the world at some particular game, it might not be good enough. But then you wouldn’t be trying to play that way anyway. For most people, it absolutely is perfectly acceptable. (If your ISP is up to the task)

  2. I have sub 10ms latency. Trust me, it isn’t good enough for games that require quick inputs.

  3. Trust me I have sub 10ms latency and it does work.

  4. A great step in the right direction, sadly with it being limited to ps4 only its simply not good enough.

    Once they make it so it works with ps2/3 games (if its even possible) then it’s starting to look reasonable.

    • There aren’t any PS2 games on it anyway, but there’s at least a PS2 emulator on the PS4 they can use. Are any of the PS2 games that are already emulated on the PS4 available on PS Now?

      PS3 games are pretty much guaranteed to never happen on the PS4 due to that weird hardware. A PS5 might manage it though with some sort of emulator (or the way 360 games run on the Xbone)

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