World of Warships: Legends Heads To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

PC game World of Warships is heading to consoles as World of Warships: Legends with “content and features exclusive to console users. ” World of Warships: Legends is scheduled for release in 2019 but you can sign up for an Alpha test beginning this July by heading over to

In the meantime, here’s an official World of Warships video featuring a nice lady counting down a top ten of digital boats for last month. I bet that takes some explaining at dinner parties when she’s asked what she does for a living.

Source: Press release

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  1. Finally!, saw this being played on youtube early last year and loved the way it looked and played, kinda reminded me of the PS2 games NAVAL OPS warship gunner 1 + II, P.T.O, and the other one/, all of which I loved and massive amounts of repeat play value. Although……I’m hoping this has offline missions otherwise I will not be buying this. (Don’t wanna get stung again like in warhawk, AC infinity, and a few others grrr)

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