Watch A Twenty Minute Mission From Overkill’s The Walking Dead

I’ve been studying this video for Overkill’s The Walking Dead for a short while and I’m pretty sure that it’s been captured off a live stream rather than being encoded properly, so remember that when you watch it, there’s some nasty artefacting that makes it look like textures are popping in.

However, it is a longer look at the game and if Overkill can’t be bothered to post a proper video this is the next best thing. It shows a full twenty minute mission with stealth, zombies, and lots of heads exploding.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Well that’a a little heartbreaking. That looks awful. :-\

  2. I think it looks pretty great apart from the online/multiplayer/co-op. Such a waste.

  3. Nice character animations*. The problem with TWD world in this sort of game is, well, it just won’t work. You can’t just get a “bit” hurt, just a scratch or a nibble and you’re toast. To be fair, maybe they addressed it in the demo, but I couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds without bursting in to hysterics.


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