What We Played #362 – Jurassic World Evolution, Splatoon 2 & Mario Tennis Aces

After the excitement of E3 we now hit the expected summertime lull, and for once it looks like it may make sense with weather outside that may not actually drown you. That’s not to say there’s nothing on the docket for the next couple of months, but there are a lot of games that you’ll potentially have already played before. Still there’s a few things like The Crew 2 and Octopath Traveller – you should play the demo right now – to liven things up.

Jurassic World Evolution fever doesn’t look like it’ll be leaving our house any time soon, and my son is firmly addicted to it. He still seems much less concerned about dinosaurs being fed as he is about pitting them against each other in gladiatorial combat, but then he is six. I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of Mario Tennis Aces which is pretty good fun, at least if you and your mates are up to speed, as well as that wonderful Octopath Traveller demo, where three hours simply isn’t long enough. I’m off on my holi-bobs next week so the Switch and my trusty old 3DS will be along for the ride, with the Splatoon DLC firmly on the agenda, as well as a return to Monster Hunter Generations.

Gareth has been playing some Assassin’s Creed Origins, specifically the Hidden Ones expansion. Apparently it’s more of the same really. Jason meanwhile has been playing Kingdom Hearts 2, “which has one of the strangest openings of any game”, Bloodborne, “because I end up playing it when I can’t think of what else to play” and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, “which is bloody brilliant fun”. He’s also started on New Gundam Breaker which is taking over his life already.

Steve got the platinum on God of War which he really enjoyed but still maintains that it doesn’t have its own identity any more. He also finished Crash 2, though he didn’t bother with all the gems and time trials due to the frustrating controls, and moved on to 3. He also put time into the “fine but underwhelming” Lego The Incredibles. “Alongside those I’ve been working on an academic paper about Clive Barker and Garth Marenghi so lots of body horror fun”.

Aran has spent more time with Onrush this week though the World Cup is giving him urges to play Football Manager. “Almost at level 60 in Onrush and I may go for the platinum.”Jim meanwhile has been trying to mop up some of his backlog. “Landed on Life Is Strange which I’ve had installed since launch but always put it off. Spent the week savouring all five chapters and was pretty touched by it if I’m honest. These kind of stories really have a way of getting to me and easy to see why so many are hyped for the sequel”. He’s also “fallen into a bit of a TCG pit” thanks to Magic: The Gathering Arena. “It’s a 1-1 translation of the card game that features the latest cards and rulesets. I’ve been getting my ass handed to me time and time again yet keep going back to refine my deck”.

Migeul has been playing Rainbow Skies and Lost Child for review. He also started playing Assassins Creed Syndicate and God Hand, as well as Minit and Sexy Brutale, before finishing Night In The Woods. Tuffcub has been playing H1Z1, Just Cause 3, and Burly Men at Sea which he grabbed in the sale. “It’s not what I was expecting, more of an interactive story book than anything else”.

Finally, Tef has mainly been on his Switch, playing the odd round of Fortnite – the new 20v20v20v20v20 mode isn’t that hot in his opinion – the lovely co-op puzzler Pode and Splatoon 2’s devilishly tricky Octo Expansion, his first few matches in Mario Tennis Aces and the demo for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

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  1. Same random things again mostly.

    Finished off the campaign in codblops3, which was utter nonsense. But I did it on a harder difficulty, which nobody seems to do judging by how rare all those lovely silver trophies are. The MP side of it is fun (and quite busy, presumably thanks to PS+), but the zombies mode is still terrible.

    There were also hours spent aimlessly wandering about Elite Dangerous. Slowly making more money. Long trips as far as my ship can take me. Jump. Scoop. Scan. Jump again. Turn in data for money.

    And more Bridge Crew. Which has been fun this week. It all went rapidly downhill when it turned out our entire crew was gay, or from Brighton (which is near enough the same thing). Not helped with a captain devoting half his time to being a captain, and half his time to Grindr. You don’t want phone noises followed by an impressed “oooh” coming from behind you when the captain receives what we assumed was an “impressive photo” of something we didn’t ask for too many details about.

    Also: all you people with Fancy Hats (of which there are probably quite a lot more now). Turn your TV or massive speakers off when playing in VR. The mic on the headset is far too sensitive and picks up everything. It’s bad enough when 1 person does it, and you hear an echo of your own voice. But when 3 people are doing it? And anything you say leads to 30 seconds of listening to your own voice repeatedly coming back to you??

    • I want to play Bridge Crew even more now 😂

      • Do it! You can come and join the big gay starship crew. Full of innuendo. I tried to stop that, but it’s hard. ;)

        The Enterprise D (for the DLC people) can apparently fire 3 torpedos from the front, and 1 of what we were referring to as an “arse torpedo” from the back of the ship.

  2. Mostly Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3) for me this week. I thought it might be a bit pants after Iron Man 2 but it’s a huge leap forward in terms of quality and a pretty solid game overall. About level with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which I loved. Bit rough around the edges, don’t get me wrong, but the core gameplay and design is spot on – I’ve really enjoyed it.

    It probably helps that Captain America is my favourite Avenger #teamCap all the way (or maybe it’s just Chris Evans *drool* who lends his voice to the game – as do Neil McDonough, Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan). The guy they hired to voice Red Skull is shocking though. Even worse than my own attempt at a German accent – and all my accents sound like Apu from the Simpsons for some reason.

    I tried looking up the developer, Next Level Games, but they seem to have disappeared after 2016. They made games exclusively for Nintendo for a while before going AWOL.

    Anyway, next up… THOR: God of Thunder (PS3) – I’ve heard it’s one of the worst/most frustrating games ever made. Can’t wait :D

    I need to start Vampyre too – haven’t even opened it yet!

    • No! Wrong. Thor is obviously better than Captain America, because of a Hemsworth.

      Although he could introduce me to his wintery friend. So he’s not entirely useless.

      • Hell to tha no! But you’ve probably got more chance with Thor tbf – they don’t call it the ‘Bi’frost for nothin! 😉 Has to be Ragnarok Thor though, with the short hair. Not here for the ‘older brother from Hansen’ look.

        Dream date = Cap, Bucky, Thor (Ragnarok) and Harry from Spider-man + meet up with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch for cocktails afterwards 🤣

      • No! Long hair Thor!

        Who was Harry from Spider-man? Which Spider-man?

        Oh. The 2002 Spider-man. James Franco? Definitely deserves to be in the list.

        Along with an X-Man or 2. All further up the list than the Captain. ;)

  3. Just a couple of hours for me whilst struggling with a super hot house and fever ridden toddlers. I managed to finish the challenges in GT Sport, that last Nurburgring one is an utter bastard and I only won by a handful of sweaty, nerve racked seconds. I happily popped the disc back in the box and whipped Shadow of the Colossus out of the backlog. It’s the most impressive looking game I’ve ever laid eyes on, not necessarilly the most graphically complicated but utterly stunning to a degree even The Last Guardian and Horizon didn’t manage. I’m only two colossi in, just happy to gallop across the plains taking a billion screenshots as I go!

    • Thankyou. I thought I was the only one who was being rubbish at that Nurburgring challenge. Losing by seconds when you thought you were doing well is a good source of creative swearing.

      • It’s utterly brutal and so long that you forget where to be cautious on the lap where your tyres are knackered! I ran out of patience for creative swearing, every AI driver just got the suffix ‘-unt’.

  4. I finished Tacoma from Fullbright. After their masterpiece Gone Home, my expectations were a little too high, but the latter half of the game got better and it has an ok story, and is well worth playing. It reminded me of Firewatch in some respects, although the setting couldn’t be more different.

    Then I got a year older this week, so I thought I’d give myself a treat and started playing this little-girl-with-a-bow game that’s been sitting on my backlog for a while now, I think it’s called Horizon something. It’s ok so far, an adventure trip. The only thing that seems off is how massively overpowered you are straight from the beginning. I just encountered this sabretooth, and it sure looked impressive. But, playing on normal, I just finished it off in one go with two tripwires and taking no damage at all… Come on. Is this the effect of playing too much Bloodborne recently, or does the game offer no challenge at all?

    • Happy birthday Andrewww!

    • Bloodborne might be a tad easier if you could use tripwires, bows etc :) Why not play HZD like BB, wade in beside the beasts feet and hack at its ankles with your spear ;)
      Oh and happy birthday man!

      • Oh so the first comment did send. #TSA server shenanigans lol

      • Thank you! :o)
        I think I got used to dying thirteen times and leveling up like mad before making any progress at all… I just adjusted HZD to ‘hard’, maybe that’s a little better at the moment for me.

    • Happy birthday Andrewww! Ah, the epic Read Head Robodenture – Collar and Cuffs of the Ginger Harbinger, as no one is calling it. Yep, I think you’re too good for the game, I’m a middling ‘Normal’ difficulty enjoyer and I say it was pitched perfectly. The Freeze Your Tits Off DLC is a good bit harder than the main game, you should definitely give that a go.

      • Thanks! :o)
        Well, usually my aging reflexes are not that good anymore, but Bloodborne probably changed my playstyle. I’ll try on ‘hard’ now.

  5. Completed Vampyr on Sunday there and did mop up the trophies and only one left for the Platinum which I will play though again later.
    Started Detroit Become Human…. what a Game! Absolutely loved it and the game is making me to read Isaac Asimov books again or even movies such as Bicentinnel Man and/or I, Robot.
    The game is breathtaking and emotional loving the choices in this game!
    And lastly just an occasional of H1Z1 daily with Solo and Dous with B_Cambo…. roll on Monday for some FIVES action with TSA!

  6. More travels in NMS, I’m trying to make my way to the centre but every time I stop off at a system to refuel I end up finding another lovely planet to chill out on.

    My PSVR got some love this week , I completed the first lot of HD events, onto Fury next.
    I finally got around to trying the Apex Construct demo and was pleasantly surprised to find its a bit more than just an archery game.Looks great, controls well and I think there’s enough to hold my attention here so it’s next on my list to get.
    Had another go at Rush of Blood but I keep getting killed by the clown, cant seem to find the sweet spot where I can damage him with the barrels while having enough distance between us.

    I also grabbed The Talos Principle in the sale so I completed a few of the locations. It’s a smashing looking game that would fit a FPS as much as it does the puzzling. The puzzling is good too, simple in theory but a few fiendish trials also.

    Lastly I tried The Crew 2 beta. It’s not for me. Car handling felt fine, switching to boats was a drudge and flying through checkpoints in a plane has never excited me. I didn’t touch the boats or planes again after the introductory event. I then played the trials for and one event each of the street races and offload races but none of it grabbed me.

  7. Two new platinums for me, Life is Strange – Before the Storm and Stories – The Path of Destinies, the latter one having been a boring grind in the end, having to get 24 endings by playing the same levels over and over again, just in a different order and with unskippable cutscenes in between…
    Other than that i played the first episode of The Walking Dead Michonne and Mass Effect Andromeda – but only coop MP with a friend, i still havent completed the original trilogy and i think i want to do that before playing Andromeda for real…

  8. I went back and replayed and completed Arkham Origins this week. I didn’t remember the game being so buggy the first time I played it!
    I really enjoyed the story, which was a well done tale that felt like it had jumped straight out of the comics. The gameplay felt a little lacking which isn’t something I would say about the Rocksteady Arkham games. It’s probably due to the bugs but the boss fights were pretty fun overall.
    I also played more of the AC Origins Curse of the Pharaohs expansion which is surprisingly big. It explores areas that I wished the main game had covered, diving into more of the ancient Egyptian religion.
    I don’t want to spoil anything but if you enjoyed the base game I’d really recommend it.

  9. PES 2018 . Still brilliant and it actually has a lot more licensed international sides than I thought, like it matters.

    A little bit of GT Sport here and there, unquestionably a technical marvel but I’m finding that I usually only play to look at the new content with the most fun coming from the museum and video content rather than actually racing….

    The Crew 2 beta. The ability to zoom in to street level of the map is pretty amazing though that’s where I spent most of my time. I like maps but it’s probably not enough to justify a $60 purchase.

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