Onrush 2.0 Patch Brings New Training Mode & Quicker Respawns

While it hasn’t exactly lit up the charts, those that are enjoying Onrush seem to be enjoying Onrush a lot, with its class-based-shooter-disguised-as-a-racing-game genre mashup. Codemasters Evo have quickly bumped the game’s version number up to 2.0 with a patch released at the end of last week for PS4 (an Xbox One update will follow shortly).

There’s a number of tweaks and changes, but the biggest ones are a new high-score training mode to help you  get to grips with each of the eight vehicle classes, and quicker respawns so you’re not waiting as long before you get thrown back into the Stampede.


Here’s the patch notes from Codies:

  • Training Mode – Hone your skills with each of the 8 vehicle classes in the high-score training mode.
  • New Gear – 12 New Epic Character Outfits to unlock.
  • Enhanced Photomode – Time of Day control, Advanced Filters and more.
  • Quicker Respawns – Get back into the action more quickly with a shorter vehicle select timer.
  • Revenge Takedowns – New Revenge takedown type when you get payback on a rival player.
  • Tombstones – Community competition winning designs & 72 new flags added.
  • Improved OSD – Lots of little improvements including notification arrows on Lockdown & Switch modes.
  • Settings – New UI HDR Brightness and Tags options.
  • Stability & performance improvements.
  • Various Bug Fixes.
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