Onrush has been delisted from the Microsoft Store, cannot be purchased for Xbox One

It seems that Onrush has been delisted from the Microsoft Store with the ability to purchase it removed. The only option that remains for the game is to redeem a code through the store. However, Onrush is still available to purchase for PS4 and is currently on sale. Whether Onrush will remain available long term on the PlayStation Store remains to be seen. The removal was spotted by Delisted Games on Twitter, and the tweet is below.


Paul Rustchysky, Onrush’s game director, also tweeted about the delisting and gave his opinion that this could be a cost cutting measure, though that has not been confirmed.

Onrush never really made the impact that Codemasters was hoping for. It is a game that offered something a bit different to the standard arcade racing fare, insteading focusing much more on battles between vehicles. In our review for Onrush, Stefan wrote:

“There’s a little bit of everything in Onrush, from racers to shooters, from destruction derbies to sports games. If you were expecting a sequel to MotorStorm, Onrush won’t be for you, but give it a chance and its clever blend of different genres can draw you into its unrelenting vehicular action.”

You can read the Onrush review here.

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  1. Played the…. beta? Was rubbish, I didn’t get the hype

  2. A racing game without racing was never going to work.

  3. This was only on plus earlier this year wasn’t it?

  4. I’m surprised it did as well as it did.

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