Onrush Is Having Server Problems

Just a heads up for those of you playing Onrush, and that should be quite a few of you as it on both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games Pass. It appears they are experiencing some technical difficulties.

Source: Twitter

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  1. I’ve noticed this. I’ve not been playing online, but when working my way through the campaign, I’ve unlocked loot crates, that seem to need to connect online when they open, as half the time it crashes and chucks me back to the title screen. Very annoying.

    • Not only that, even when playing the campaign solo, you can be kicked out of a game when the servers act up! Had that happen to me twice in a row right when i completed one of the more annoying challenges in a 3 part tournament. When the last match was over and the results screen should have come up, i was kicked out because of server problems and my progress was lost…

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