The PlayStation Plus Double Discounts Sale Is Now On

The PlayStation Store’s PlayStation Plus double discounts sale has returned to the EU store offering extra price cuts for those with PS+. There’s a lot on offer including Onrush down to
£27.49, Persona 5 knocked down to the same price, and – at last! – Skyrim VR is on sale and has 70% off taking it down to just £14.99.

Here’s the full list of games on sale:

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Skyrim VR for £15? Don’t mind if I do.

    Still tempted by Destiny 2 after trying it at the weekend. Better than I thought it was, and only £22 for the game and the 2 expansions. So I might just get that as well for when my head overheats due to VR in this ridiculous weather.

    These PSN sales really are saving me buying all those new games. Why do that when I haven’t caught up on the old ones they’re selling at silly prices? (RDR2 may become an exception). We just need the PS5 to be delayed until about 2038 and I’ll catch up by then.

    • I would advise waiting for the upcoming Forsaken DLC release for Destiny, with the first game they released a Taken King DlC physical version that was much better value for money if you didn’t own all the existing DLC. I gave up on Destiny 2 at release but have been keeping an eye on its improvements and will probably jump back in if Forsaken is well received.

      • Hmm, good point. £22 now and £35 later, or some mystery amount later on in September and just stick to Skyrim in VR for the next couple of months?

    • Its only a tenna in tesco at the minute…

  2. Massive sale going on in the US store. Trying not to spend any money but I don’t see it lasting.

    Usually start with a $200 or more basket then back it down by saving percentages and a bit of ‘do I really want this or is it just a great deal?’ Ideally ending up with one or two purchases. It’s a battle.

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