F1 2018’s Dev Diary Goes Into How The Media Will Affect Your Career

Codemasters have gradually built up the career mode in the last few F1 games, mainly through adding elements like practice session challenges that can affect your car’s performance out on track. Now the focus has shifted to look at a driver’s career of the track and in particular the role that talking to the media and contract negotiations can play.

Game Director Lee Mather has featured in a new dev diary talking about how all of this comes together:


You’ll now have press interviews at various points through the career, answering questions as best you can and reacting to events. How you do so can impact your progress, whether it’s blaming the car for a lack of pace and the engineering department getting dispirited from that, or promising that you’ll land a podium when you have no hopes of doing so. Importantly, some teams might want a brash, loudmouthed showman, instead of a more demure and measured driver.

That can play a role down the line when negotiating for contracts. Last year’s perks system is now wrapped up in the contracts, so you might move sideways to a team less likely to win, but do so in order to get improved upgrade speed or pit stop team. It could be a better way of getting the player to measure their own value and expectations.

The ‘Make Headlines’ tagline seems to be rather appropriate given this information, and the game’s aping of real world broadcast style will now broaden so that the pre-race commentary much better reflects and expands on what you’ve achieved and your actions elsewhere.

It all sounds rather intriguing, with the game due out on 24th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. If it’s all accurate, every Frenchman will blame the car, Ferrari won’t want to know them, and the first instance you make a mistake a pack of bloody thristy hounds will be unleashed.

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