Uncharted Doesn’t Have A Health Indicator, It Shows Luck

When you are playing Uncharted and under heavy fire the colour drains out of the screen indicating that Nathan Drake is running out of health, right? Wrong. Nathan Drake never takes an bullet, or indeed an arrow to the knee, all the bullets are missing him until the final, fatal shot.

The colour draining from the screen actually shows Nathan’s luck ebbing away rather than his health, so once his luck is gone he can die. This information was revealed by Naughty Dog developer Jonathan Cooper in a tweet.


Former Naughty Dogger Amy Hennig has confirmed the revelation tweeting that “The original intention [was] to stay more aligned with the spirit and tone of the films we were homaging.”

Source: Twitter

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  1. Makes more sense than recovering health by taking cover for a few seconds I guess.

    • But recovering health by resting (generally for more than a few seconds) is an actual thing. Luck isn’t.

      • Hahaha!

        When being shot several times, I’ve often felt back to 100% after taking a well deserved nap.

      • But you can’t be shot several times, apparently. All the bullets miss until some magical quantity of luck runs out. Then the next bullet is fatal. And no amount of napping is going to help you recover from that.

        I think they’ve possibly just drawn attention to something which is clearly nonsense (all those bullets fired by people you’d assume can actually hit something not being particularly fatal) but which people just generally accept and don’t think about. And they’ve drawn attention to it by talking bollocks about “luck”. When really “because reasons” probably covers it.

      • At least now we know what happened to all the Stormtroopers after the fall of the Empire.

      • Would make more sense if it was a recharging energy shield.

        If he was ‘that’ lucky, he’d be in, out, job’s a good’un.

  2. I’d love to see how much colour has drained out of May’s indicator at this precise moment – Bring out the MOGG!

  3. It was probably better before this was highlighted.

    Then again, all games of this nature are flawed when it comes to health. Lara can use a medi-kit, Drake can wait until his luck regenerates, but I’m yet to encounter a game where being shot means you spend a couple of weeks in the hospital having your left lung reinflated before heading back out to fight the bad guys again

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