Code Vein Slips From September To 2019


Bandai Namco have pulled the Dark Souls-esque Code Vein from it’s September release window, which was originally revealed just a month ago. The game will now be released in 2019 and has also been pulled from the floor of Gamescom 2018 where it was meant to be shown.

“Code Vein has received an enormous amount of positive feedback from eager fans who have received hands-on time with in-development versions of the game over the past nine months,” said Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President Marketing and Digital at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. “Armed with knowledge of how well the game has already been received, we made the decision to postpone the release of Code Vein to further refine its gameplay in an effort to exceed the expectations fans already have of the title. It was a difficult decision to make, but we feel it is the correct one.”

You have to wonder what has changed so drastically in the last month, they were confident the game would be out in September just four weeks ago and now it’s been delayed for at least four months, quite possibly longer.

I have a hunch that they did discover a few minor problems with the game therefore need to delay the title, but by releasing late than September they’re going up against Red Dead, CoD, and all the other annual franchises so decided to delay until all the big releases are out of the way. That period winds down around the end of February 2019 when Days Gone and Metro Exodus are released, so I would guess Code Vein will arrive after then.

Source: Press release

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