The PUBG Xbox One Test Server Returns To Balance Weapons & New Additions

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen the PTS going live for PUBG on Xbox One, but PUBG Corp. are bringing it back to test a bunch of balance changes, improvements and add a new weapon, vehicle, and bucket load of new weapon attachments.

The PTS build of the game is a separate download from the Microsoft Store, and the servers for it are live now, running through the weekend.

  • PDT: July 10th 8:30PM ~ July 16th 1AM
  • BST: July 11th 4:30AM ~ July 16th 8AM
  • CEST: July 11th 5:30AM ~ July 16th 9AM

The biggest takeaways are that ARs have been rebalanced so that they’re more equal, Shotguns have been given better range, and SMGs, LMGs, Pistols and some sniper rifles are getting a bump in damage output. Throwables, from frag grenades to stun grenades and molotovs have all been improved in various ways.

The SLR is a new marksman rifle, using 7.62mm ammo and with 10 bullets per mag. It’s more powerful than an SKS, but has a bigger kick. You’ll be able to combine it with the new 3x and 6x scopes, while there’s new light grip, thumb grip and half grip attachments and a Duckbill shotgun attachment increases horizontal bullet spread.

You’ll be able to get around in style with the Mirado muscle car on the Miramar map. It’s designed to complement the sturdy but slow van and off-road pickup, as the fastest vehicle to race around the highways.

There’s tons more changes in the test, so head over to PUBG’s site for the patch notes.

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