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The News At Sixth-ish: 12/07/18

Welcome to your usual round-up of today’s video game news presented in a nice list form along with some added extras at the end. I’ve broken a personal rule today and posted some news that is not news, which is Rocksteady still aren’t talking about Superman or whatever they are making, but it is sort-of news because they’ve made it very clear they’re not going to be talking about it for quite a while. And that’s news. It makes sense in my head, so shush.

If you’re feeling a little down after last night’s heroic efforts then I recommend wallowing in the nostalgic, cuddly glow of the Spyro video.

Also Today

Here’s a new vlog going behind the scenes of Dontnod’s Twin Mirror.

And here’s another behind the scenes look, this time we’re delving in to the super cute Moss.

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