Amazon Prime Day Deals: Xbox One S Bundle For £199, PSVR Bundle For £229 & More

It’s Prime Day on Amazon which means if you have a Prime account there are bargains galore. Well, quite a few bargains and and awful lot of utter dross that you would never normally purchase. but because the offers are so good you still stop and think “Oooh, 50% off a Walrus Polisher! Tempting!”

Anyway, the point of this post is that you can get your paws on the Xbox One S 1TB Console Sea of Thieves Bundle with Vertical Stand, plus Forza Horizon 3, the Minecraft Explorers Pack, and a Minecraft Creeper controller for £199.99, a whole 49% off the original price. There’s also £80 off the PSVR starter pack and a few quid off normal PlayStation 4 bundles, but not enough to be bothered about.


UPDATE: Sorry, it’s an Xbox One S not an X.

Here’s some nice links for these and we’ve added a few more handy things for gamers:

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  1. You may want to change the X in the title to S

    • My bad sorry. WTF is a XB1S nearly £400 normally? Jeebus.

      • That’s for a bundle with a controller and a couple of games. £208.50 seems to be Amazon’s normal price just for the console. Or £390 for the bundle normally.

        Actually, that’s kind of ridiculous too. £182.49 extra to get 2 games, a controller and a stand at the normal price? Or £8.51 less than just a console to get all that included with the Prime deal.

        Are all those bundled games included in their monthy subscription thing? Makes the pricing even sillier

  2. Nice deal! Can we join Prime for a just a month to bag it? Also, check your title, it says One X :)

    • You can join for a month, a year, or use the free 30 day trial and get the deals.

      And the PSVR deal with a pair of Move controllers is £95 off. Definite bargain at that price. If you haven’t got the controllers lying around already from the PS3 days. In which case, it’s still a bargain because your batteries are probably a bit dodgy by now anyway.

      Also, I can’t seem to find this half price Walrus Polisher. Which is a shame. My walrus shall have to remain dull and non-sparkly for now. I’m embarrassed to get him out in front of guests.

  3. Nice Red Dwarf reference.

  4. Theres also a deal for 50% off for 15 months of PS+, at least in austria and germany…

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