Cayde-6 Played By Nolan North In Destiny 2: Forsaken

When Activision revealed the trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken something was amiss, why did Cayde-6 sound different? Nathan Fillion, who has just released his Uncharted fan film, has explained that Nolan North is playing the character for the expansion, which means if Ghost and Cayde-6 have a scene together North will be talking to himself.

Fillion was keen to stress that there’s no bad blood with Activision, he simply wasn’t available to record Cayde-6’s lines for the expansion. “I would be excited to work with Activision again and do the prequel of how we get to Caydes one through five,” he joked.


Fillion was talking to Kotaku for their Splitscreen podcast and also revealed that he got stuck in Uncharted 2 due to a glitch. He also said that he doesn’t believe that Cayde-6 is dead, although Bungie insist he is.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Is he going to go back and record all the lines Fillion previously did? Like he did with Ghost? Maybe just quickly read them in an uninterested voice and hope nobody notices?

    How does he keep getting so much work? Is he really cheap? Video evidence of things some people would rather the world didn’t see?

    That Uncharted fan-film should be the start of something. Fillion should go and rerecord all of Nolan Norths lines. In everything.

    Still, could be worse. They could have had him replacing the Future War Cult woman.

  2. Makes complete sense, I didn’t think they’d kill him off unless they’d lost the association with Fillion for whatever reason.

    Going to be weird having a different voice for the little part he’ll have in Forsaken.

  3. In which Destiny 2 Forsaken trailer does Cayde speak? I couldn’t recall hearing him speak, and I’ve just tried to find it to no avail. He just sits there silently before being shot in the face in the one he’s featured in

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