Insurgency: Sandstorm’s Pre-Order Beta Starts On 9th August

While the big budget shooters have been heading back to battles and wars from history, Insurgency: Sandstorm remains rooted in the Middle East and modern era. Ahead of its PC release in September, New World Interactive’s shooter is having a pair of pre-order betas.

The first of these will kick off on 9th August and run until the 13th, featuring three of the final game’s maps and four game modes – Firefight, Push, Checkpoint and Skirmish – with New World welcoming feedback at that point. The second will then follow on 30th August and focus on bug fixing and server stability, but bring with it all of the final game’s content.


The following trailer features gameplay from the closed technical alpha.

While the game is out on PC in September, it won’t be reaching consoles until 2019.

Source: press release

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