Child Of Light And Valiant Hearts Coming To Switch, Child Of Light II Teased

Ubisoft have announced the next batch of old games being shoved on to Switch, this time it’s excellent Child of Light and, personal favourite or mine, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The games will be released on  October 11th and November 8th respectively.

Child of Light is billed as the Ultimate Edition although Ubisoft have not specified what exactly that entails. Valiant Hearts is getting an upgrade and will be fully playable using touch controls and will include the Valiant Hearts interactive comic.


Child of Light’s Creative Director Patrick Plourde has been tweeting about the new Switch version of his game but has smuggled in a little Easter Egg. The picture he tweeted shows the game running on Switch, but behind the console is a sheet of paper with what appears to be “Child of Light II” printed on it.

We gave Child of Light an amazing 10/10 when we reviewed it and Valiant Hearts also scored well getting 8/10.

Source: Ubisoft / Twitter

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