Dead Snazzy PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition Revealed


Every time a special edition console is released I do wonder who buys them, I can’t see the point of them myself. Until now.

My oh my, the new PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition is one sexy beast! Limited to just 50,000 units worldwide the console will celebrate that fact that half a billion PlayStation consoles have been sold across the globe.

The console and Dualshock are made with transparent blue casings and copper highlights, and there’s a matching PlayStation camera, console stand, and earphones, all packed in a special box which is, naturally, transparent. It has a 2TB hard drive and will be available from select retailers across Europe from the 24th August at an RRP of €499.

You can also get your paws on a commemorative Gold Wireless Headset 500 Million Limited Edition separately.

PS Phwooooooar, eh lads?

Update: Over 525.3 million PlayStations have been sold!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. That’s not a “sexy beast”. At least, not from the pictures and video. It may look better in real life, but with only 50,000 of them, you probably won’t get to see one yourself.

    It just looks a bit cheap and tacky with that transparent casing. That’s never a good look.

    • Yeah I’m with you, translucent N64s were fun but not premium, neither is this. That launch PS3 ultra-scratchable, black, glossy acrylic that mustve been infused with dust attracting pheromones would’ve been a great choice for this, it would’ve looked beautiful for about ten seconds.

  2. I want one! But I’ll stick with my Spider-Man Pro instead.
    Can see these flogging on ebay for way more than the asking price!!!

  3. I’m not into special editions but it’s one of the better ones.

    A 2TB hard drive…… Does that indicate that the PS5 will have at least the same? With games in 4K I reckon it’ll need to be bigger than that.

    • The PS5 is most likely more than 2 years away. 2TB (or larger) drives are probably going to be the only option available by then.

      The PS3 launched with a 20GB drive, and then the PS4 with a 500GB drive 7 years later. 25 times as much space. So a PS5 in 2020 should have 12.5TB. That probably won’t happen. 2TB seems likely, and 3TB might be an option by then. (Obviously that’s an option now, as is 6TB, and still will be in a couple of years, but the price might be a bit high if Sony want to avoid a PS3 launch price thing again)

      • And with digital downloads becoming more and more popular you’re going to need plenty of storage.

  4. Snazzy until you play a Pro enabled game and it sounds like a Dyson on steroids.

    I hate mine because of the noise.

    • I’ve only ever noticed mine trying to take of once, and that was, rather oddly, on the menu of H1Z1. Apart from that one instance it’s whisper quiet.

      • Mine’s that loud that I’ve taken to using headphones so that I can’t hear it. It was bad on The Division but it’s intolerable on NMS (until I uninstalled it)

      • Weirdly, menus are often the thing that makes the fans go mad.

        One theory is that when you’re in a menu, there’s not much going on (since the game has paused or not started). But in some cases, the game doesn’t limit the frame rate at all in the menus, and it can all get a bit carried away and the fans have to go mad to keep things cool. When you’re actually playing, there’s obviously a lot more going on, but it doesn’t try to do it hundreds of times a second.

        It’s a theory that kind of makes sense. It’s that or dust helping heat things up nicely. I guess a transparent case would let you see all the dust inside. Except you wouldn’t look at it, because it looks cheap and tacky. ;)

  5. I don’t notice mine when gaming and it’s only about 3 feet away.

  6. I think it looks lovely. Would have been nicer if the whole DS4 was made from the same translucent material. I’m not a fan of the two-tone controllers.

    That’s two not-hideous console designs in a row (Spider-man)… Do they have a new design team or something?

    500+ Million consoles sold is crazy.

  7. Unfortunately my Pro is quite noisy – with some games more than others. What I’ve noticed in particular is when playing online in Uncharted 4 -then it’s goes crazy like washing machine without the centrifuge.

    I’ve tried to clean the dust with canned air but that didn’t do anything, I’m sad to say.

    The look on this upcoming version of the pro does have some swagger though.

  8. Feeling this one – although if I do invest in a second Pro, it would be the Spidey special edition. Having such limited numbers, they’ll end up like the retro styles PS4s which were simply sat in CEX windows, gathering dust due to asking prices of £1500 and more.

    Definitely worth snagging if you can mind…

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