Devil’s Hunt Has A New Gameplay Trailer

What is Devil’s Hunt I hear you ask? A good question, it was announced two week’s ago but seems to have slipped past my news radar and we didn’t cover it, so let’s start with the announcement trailer.

The game is based on the Polish fantasy novel Equilibrium and has you playing as Desmond, a chap cursed with demonic powers which actually come in very handy when punching demons. He will decide the fate of the world as forces of light and dark battle.


Now, here’s some pre-alpha gameplay.

I’m getting some serious retro vibes from that video, our hero Desmond does seem a bit of a throwback to the days when videogames only featured gruff white guys who punch things to save the girl. It looks like it could be fun though, we find out when it is released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, next year.

Source: YouTube

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  1. That’s okay, fella. He’s probably an oppressed minority in some other way. :-P

  2. If he can change his outfits they should have a ballet one. Call it Desmond’s Tutu!!!

  3. The vibe is a little hit and miss and he looks almost like he cant be arsed as he heads into impending doom.

    Might give it a whirl though as you cant really go wrong with a retro styley ‘hack n slash’

    Screams £14.99 mind…

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