Lúcioball Returns For Overwatch Summer Games 2018, Starting Today

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 are going live today, seeing the return of the Lúcioball game mode for the third time. Live from now until the end of August, there’s another wave of new cosmetics for players to hunt after, on top of all the ones from previous years.


Those new cosmetics include the Legendary skins Cabana Ana, Fastball Zenyatta, Gridironhardt Reinhardt, Lacrosse Roadhog, Waveracer D.Va, and Catcher Winston, while there’s new Epic skins called Mexicana Sombra, Éireannach Moira, and Tre Kronor Brigitte. They all look so fetch.

Lúcioball is the same as ever, with two teams of three Lúcios knocking oversized balls around a pitch and trying to score. The previous Sydney Harbour and Estádio das Rãs maps are returning, with the addition of the new Busan Stadium, and you’ll be able to dive into the Copa Lúcioball for competitive ladder play.

Source: press release

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