Microsoft Announce Their Own Special Edition Translucent Controller

While I do generally like a lot of Microsoft’s special and limited edition controller designs, their first crack at a translucent controller is, how do you say? Not good.

The face of the controller isn’t a uniform shade, but rather transitions from translucency at the top down to opaque champagne gold at the bottom. It almost works, but it’s just not on the same level as Sony’s recently announced 500 million Limited Edition console and accessories. They should have just stuck with the snazzy black translucency.


Now, there’s no accounting for taste, so if you are eager to grab the Phantom Black Special Edition, it’ll be available on 11th September.

Much, much better looking (in my opinion) is the light grey with turquoise blue-green accents and rear body of the other controller they announced, bringing something distinctive without looking too weird. That goes on sale with a release on 25th September.

Source: Xbox Wire

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  1. A mediocre copycat effort, we can see right through their plans!

  2. Looks just as cheap and tacky as the 500m PS4 thing.

    Stop showing us the insides of stuff! We don’t need to see that shit. You plug these things in, and they just work. Some sort of magic. Or tiny little pixies. Stop ruining things by showing us it’s just a bunch of electronic bits.

  3. I thought it looked alright until I realised the gold bit at the bottom wasn’t a trick of the light. Same issues as the DS4 – should have been uniformly translucent.

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