Square Enix’s The Quiet Man Gets A New Trailer

The Quiet Man was revealed two months ago and is a “story driven cinematic action experience” that mixes real video footage with CG elements. You play as Dane, a deaf young man who must fight his way across a city to discover the fate of Lala, a singer who has been kidnapped by a mysterious masked figure.


“Words shape consciousness; indeed, some even say that ‘words are life'”, comments producer Kensei Fujinaga. “But what if we were to cast aside such a life? What if somehow, we were able to understand one another through connections formed heart to heart, soul to soul, and could once again look into one another’s eyes and form a bond so pure? This concept lies at the core of The Quiet Man”

The game can be completed “in one sitting” and will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC as a digital download.

Source: YouTube / Square Enix

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