Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Will Get Quitting Penalties Tomorrow

If, like me, you had a go on Destiny 2’s Gambit mode over the weekend you will know that if a member of your team drops out of the game you might as well give up, the opposing team will race ahead and win.

A lot of people have complained about this and asked why the game won’t drop in a fresh player, as it does with Crucible matches, and vented their frustration on Reddit.


“When Forsaken ships on Tuesday, join-in-progress and quitting penalties will be enabled for Gambit. Insert Moana image here.” posted Peter Sarrett, a senior technical designer at Bungie.

Gambit mode, a hybrid of PvP and PvE, is currently available to all players, but it will be locked off as soon as Forsaken launches tomorrow was only available on Saturday for all players, you’ll have to buy the expansion if you want to play it from now on.

Source: Reddit

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  1. “Gambit mode… is currently available to all players”
    No it’s not.

    • Yeah it was just a one day trial on Saturday Tuffcub it’s over now.

      Quite frankly though I don’t see the point in them dropping another player in, they should just end the game and slap a ban on the quitter.

    • Soz I’m sure i read it was open till the launch of the expansion.

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