Nearly Half A Million Players Have The God Of War Platinum Trophy

Did you think you were special for getting that shiny platinum trophy in the rebooted God of War? Well tough, your’re not, Sony have posted an inforgraphc that shows nearly half a million other players have also got the digital trinket.

The image also shows the most popular armour and upgrades, and the death rate vs the Valkyries.


Source: PlayStation

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  1. Does this mean I’m special because I haven’t gotten the platinum?
    Or even more special because I don’t even own the game?

    • Not sure that is something to be proud of.

    • Maybe you’re just special anyway? :p

      But seriously, saying don’t own the game is blasphemy. I mean, it’s true of some us, but we never say it out aloud. It’s the way to get burnt at the stake, damn you.

      • I’ve only played a demo of one of the ps3 games and wasn’t that impressed. Can’t remember which game it was tho.

    • My wife owns it. Does that count? And yes, I have played it, got about 4 hours in and haven’t touched it since.

    • That means you’re “special” NO JUST KIDDING

  2. It would be 493,241 if I could only be arsed to find all those Ravens.

    • I can’t find anchor of god can’t even kill Valerie in the mist level any idea

      • Guess a walkthrough would help. Suggest you google your predicament.

  3. Cracking game and I will give myself time to achieve the Plat. For now, I am clearing the backlog, hoping to level Detroit: Become Human before I collect Spidey on Friday!!

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