New Greaseproof Xbox Controller Will Save You From Sticky Situations

It has surely happened to us all at one point or another. Having just shovelled a slice of pizza into your gob or flung a fillet of fried chicken down your wide open skull cave, you return to playing PUBG only to have the controller shoot out of your hands in a squirt of gloopy grease during a particularly tense moment. Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry though, as Xbox Australia has developed a brand new controller specifically designed to resist grease – from even the most sticky of hands. The Greaseproof 1.0 was intended to celebrate the 1.0 release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is coated in a special urethane coating that will resist not only grease but scratches too.


Hilariously however, there have been complaints that the controller actually has a greasy appearance – even before it’s grabbed by gooey appendages. David Milner, from Games Informer, pointed out ”Is it just me or does the Xbox ‘chicken dinner’ greaseproof controller look… kinda greasy?”

You can find out for yourself if you end up being one of the lucky two hundred owners of this limited edition controller.