A Mega Man 11 Demo Is Out Now For PS4, Xbox One & Switch

As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, Mega Man fans are being treated to much more than just a few remasters and game collections. Mega Man 11 was announced at the end of last year, and now you can go hands on with a demo that’s available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The full game will release on 2nd October.

As part of the run up to the game’s release, Capcom have bundled in a community challenge to “Bust Block Man” and tweet a screenshot with the #BustBlockMan challenge in order to earn a set of single-use items for everyone in the final game.

Source: press release

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  1. Feel sorry for Nintendo as this was obviously their “and it’s available right now” moment from the delayed Direct. Demo is fantastic though :)

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