The News At Sixth: 29/05/18

It’s a bumper edition of The News at Sixth today as we’ve got three days to cover and some mad muppets were staffing TSA over the Bank Holiday and writing news. There’s a battle royale going on in regards to the battle royale genre, the announcement of a swanky blue PS4, and the start of World War 3, so a normal Tuesday then.

Oh, and Bethesda are teasing a new Fallout. Squee!

Also today…

Here’s so pre-alpha footage of indie AAA game Knights of Light

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  1. I’ve just read on Hexus that,according to Linux-focussed site Phoronix, there’s evidence that Sony engineers and programmers are working with AMD Ryzen technology for the PS5.
    It’s no surprise that the PS5 will be based on AMD Ryzen, if rumours are true.

    • Yeah that rumour has been going around for a week or two.

    • It’s actually massively surprising if PS5 will be based on 1st gen Ryzen technology. It would extremely limit the PS5 specs. The rumours surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and it’s speculated that the software engineer in question is doing work for a third party which isn’t unusual for that specific department of Sony.

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