Civilization VI Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In November

If you’re a fan of a spot of Civ and own a Switch, then mark 16th November down in your calendars as that’s when Civilization VI is being squished down and released on Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s set to be a pretty beefy package as well, with all the latest updates and bundling the Viking, Poland, Australia, Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario packs.

But the biggest question I have is why the game is coming to Switch and not PS4 and Xbox One as well? Fans of Civilization Revolution on PS3 and Xbox 360 often decry the fact that there’s no new Civ games on home console, and with the Switch version of Civ VI, they can obviously handle it. Not only that, but Civ VI is also available on iPad, showing just how far it can be squished down.


Either way, we look forward to checking this out in a few short months from now.

Source: Civilization

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  1. You hit the nail on the head there Teffers, I was going to ask exactly what you did.

    At least we’ve got Stellaris to look forward to but I wouldn’t complain about some Civ action too.

  2. Good news. Haven’t had a reason to touch the switch. Welcome.

  3. Awesome news. Love a good Civ game and this will be amazing to play on the go. Hopefully they deliver a solid port.

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