Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Is Now On PS4 & Xbox One, Soon For Switch

Are you ready for something ridiculous? You know how Final Fantasy XV was shrunk down for iOS and Android earlier this year and everyone just looked a bit confused as to why? Well now it’s come to home console, with PS4 and Xbox One today and a Switch release some time soon.


A Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition I can understand, but putting it out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when they already have the non-pocket version of the game? What madman decided to do this?

Apparently it features an “optimised UI and controls now tailored for consoles”, which I’m assuming means they took the controls from the full game and added them to the mobile version. It’s even been branded as ‘Pocket Edition HD’, a distinction that wasn’t needed with the original console game.

Anyway, at least Square did the right thing and answered Dom’s prayers.

Source: press release

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  1. Never played the normal version so will likely give the Switch version a shot. Completely pointless to release this on X1/PS4 however, I agree.

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