Take A Rollercoster Ride Around A Duck’s Vagina In A New VR Experience

Yeah, that’s a headline and half isn’t it? If there’s a better headline on TSA this year then I will buy the writer a pint. So, you’re reading this as you’d like to have a good look around a duck’s lady-bits in virtual reality, I’m not here to judge, just to inform you that today is you lucky day.

Zoologist Jules Howard has teamed up with Professor Patricia Brennan to create the informative, educational experience  VR Duck Genitalia Explorer for Google Cardboard.

“About 10 years ago I discovered that female ducks in some species had evolved really complex vaginas to prevent full version of the male penis, because in some species male ducks force females to copulate,” Professor Patricia Brennan told Buzzfeed. “Last year I started examining genitalia in 3D, because the structures are too complex for 2D and we finally have technology to make 3D more accessible. Jules contacted me to ask if by chance I had a 3D model of a duck vagina, and having just made one, I sent it to him so he could try out developing this VR app.”

The app is meant to make the duck vagina accessible and a “wow experience”, letting players explore a vagina “like a VR rollercoaster” and fans will be pleased to know that future experiences may be possible, allowing you to explore different animal’s vaginas.

If you’d like to try the experience, and why wouldn’t you, it’s on the Google Play store. 

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  1. Subtitle on point

  2. The music makes it so much worse!

    • I like to have about 14 tabs open in Chrome at once.

      This meant I got VR duck vaginas with the Katamari Damacy theme playing.

      I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse. Just weirder.

  3. Ducky does Dallas ;p

  4. I think Crash Bandicoot’s days at the top of the download charts are finally over…

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