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UPDATE: Final Fantasy Is Coming To Nintendo Switch (And Other Consoles) In A Major Way

This time the Nintendo Direct was well worth stopping up for, and amongst all of the game announcements and trailers it seems that Square Enix have decided to heap their attention on the diminutive system next year.

2019 will see the arrival of eight – yes EIGHT – Final Fantasy games, which is probably a billion-ty hours of gameplay right there. You might as well start calling your Switch “the Final Fantasy machine”.

Alongside the previously announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster, we’re also getting the remastered versions of X, X2 and XII, an enhanced version of World of Final Fantasy subtitled Maxima, as well as VII and IX in their semi-original forms. Quite what has happened to VIII is anyone’s guess but maybe that means there’s a remaster of that in the works that we’ve yet to hear about.

Besides all of this remaster love, we’re also getting one new game in the slightly disappointing shape of Chocobo Mystery Dungeon, though really there’s very little to complain about, apart from perhaps where Final Fantasy XIV is!

UPDATE: Ah, pesky timed announcements! Turns out the games are also coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

  • 6th November – World of Final Fantasy Maxima (Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC)
  • Winter 2018 – Chocobo Mystery Dungeon (Switch, PS4)
  • 2019 – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (Switch, PS4)
  • 2019 – Final Fantasy VII (Switch, Xbox One, Already out on PS4)
  • 2019 – Final Fantasy IX (Switch, Xbox One, Already out on PS4)
  • 2019 – Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered (Switch, Xbox One, Already out on PS4)
  • 2019 – Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Switch, Xbox One, Already out on PS4)

Source: Square Enix 


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  1. First Direct I’ve ever watched and a good one. FF VII, New Mario U and Animal Crossing is more than enough for me. The rest is just a bonus. So glad how well the Switch has taken off and the third party devs / pubs are supporting it. It’s currently my console of choice due to it’s portability and that’s just in the home! Loving Okami and PS4 hasn’t been touched for weeks despite wanting to play God Of War 3 on plus. Do we know what the extra NES games are yet? Seemed to see more than 10 during the Direct but can’t be sure. I’ll pay the online fee for Mario 3 alone!

  2. I see we do know all NES lineup now. It’s on the website.

  3. There are 25 Final Fantasy games available on PS Vita, that can claim the title “Final Fantasy machine”

    • But does it also have a bunch of PS2 ports?

      I’m a Switch owner myself but I don’t understand the constant hype around the game re-releases from 10+ years ago that are also on other systems, including portable systems. Hasn’t almost every Final Fantasy been available on PlayStation for about a decade?

  4. There not just for the Switch though.

    VII,IX,X/X-2 and XII are coming to the XBone next year as well.

    WoFF does the same this November. I can’t work out if the PS4 gets it or the current PS4 version gets updated or what they’re up to.

    And the PS4 gets the Crystal Chronicles remaster and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon.

    The Chocobo game being a port of the 2008 Wii game. Not the PS1 game that was actually called that.

    https://square-enix-games.com/news/discover-the-legacy-of-final-fantasy/ may be of interest.

    Maybe they’ll do something with VIII too. I liked that one more then IX. I’m sure the XIII trilogy will get remastered at some point too. Although ideally they’d just do the first 2 and “forget” to do Lightning Returns, which is completely terrible and should not be played by anyone, ever.

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