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Psyonix Delay Rocket League's RocketID

Psyonix were meant to patch in RocketID this month to their popular vehicular football game, Rocket League, but that plan has now been delayed. Here’s what they had to say in a blog post:

As outlined in our Summer Roadmap Update, our goal was to release RocketID in September, but we’ve made the difficult decision to push it out of September and include it in a future update. We want to ensure that RocketID is operating flawlessly on all platforms before its release, and this extra time will ensure that you’ll be playing and partying up with friends on different platforms with ease.

When it does arrive RocketID will allow players to form cross-platform parties and add friends from systems other than the one they are playing on. Obviously it won’t be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Psyonix

  1. Phizzy
    Since: Jun 2010

    Sony allows cross-platform play with PC, so it’s probably available, just limited to parties with PS4+PC rather than all platforms.

    Comment posted on 13/09/2018 at 16:20.