Beach Tennis, Frisbee & Jet Ski Feature In Sports Party For Switch This October

It’s difficult to imagine anything capturing the general public’s attention quite like Wii Sports did over a decade ago, but with Nintendo looking the other way, Ubisoft are stepping up to bring a collection of multiplayer sports games to Nintendo Switch.

Sports Party features six outdoor sports and activities, and will be coming to Switch on 30th October.


There’s a real mixture of different sports in this, with basketball, frisbee, golf, jet skiing, beach tennis and skateboarding all providing very different challenges and demanding different levels of player skill. The game looks pretty though, with the seaside setting making it bright, colourful and inviting.

There’s four player local multiplayer in this, with everyone able to create and customise their own avatar, with outfits, accessories and shoes unlocked through play.

Source: press release

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