The Last Of Us Outbreak Day Will Bring Digital Goodies And More

We’re fast approaching Outbreak Day, September 26th,the day the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass and started turning human beings in to ravenous creatures in The Last of Us universe. The official website for Outbreak Day has revealed that on the day we will be getting a new The Last Of Us Part II theme as well as new avatars, desktop background and a theme song.


However, the website has a number of panels that are concealed until the day so we might be getting something a little meatier, perhaps a new trailer or a behind the scenes look. Stay tuned, if anything turns up we will let you know!

Source: OutbreakDay

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  1. YES!!!

    With Spider-Man being so incredible, its nice to be reminded we still have so much to still look forward to :-)


  2. “Part II” is such a silly sub-title.

    The first game didn’t end on a cliffhanger or leave the story gaping open, this is a fully fledged sequel, not a “part 2”!
    /pedantic rant

    • It left a huge plot point open! The entire end sequence is a huge plot point.

  3. Easily my most anticipated game, whenever it releases!

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