The Dreams Beta Is Still Happening This Year

Media Molecule have confirmed that the Dreams beta is still happening, and it’s still coming this year. The news comes from Game Informers coverage of the title in a video titled ‘229 Rapid-Fire Questions About Dreams’.

The interview also reveals that 3D games are easier to make than 2D games in Dreams, and that online multiplayer will be rolled out post launch with support for eight players, and that they have ‘already made Half Life 3’. I think they’re joking.


They also say that Dreams will be launching with PlayStation VR compatibility, something that was originally announced as post launch content. It will also support keyboard, but not mouse, and games can run at 60fps but that will depend on how complex your title.

It was also revealed that Peter Molyneux played LittleBig Planet before it was even announced and declared it was “too ambitious”.

Source: Game Informer

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  1. Wonder if it’ll be a closed or open beta – good to know we might get our hands on it before next year at least.

  2. Have Sony just given Media Molecule a blank check to work this out or are they struggling that much with the game? Seems an amazingly long period of time since it was announced in 2013 (at the PS4 reveal I believe?)

  3. I think this has been so long in coming that it may have fundamental problems.

    Maybe it will be a PS5 launch title?

    • 3 years since it was officially announced, and a couple of years before that where they were teasing something new. Looks like it might have grown a bit more complicated than they were expecting, but it’s a big leap to assume it’s got some “fundamental problems”.

      And what they’ve shown so far doesn’t seem to suggest anything other than it’s coming along nicely and will be done when it’s done. And may contain many features that no individual is ever going to master but which let you do some impressive stuff.

      A PS5 launch title would mean another couple of years wait for it, wouldn’t it? Then people would have forgotten about it or assumed it was never going to happen or eventually would appear and be shit.

    • The one thing that i’ve noticed is that none of what we’ve seen so far lasts more than a couple of mins to play through – apart from obvious stuff like wave-shooters etc.
      I have wondered if this was because they were just showing what could be made in 45mins to an hour – or whether there could be some memory limitations due to the engine taking up a lot of resources.

      • I doubt the engine is going to take up more resources than any other game engine. The tools to build stuff with that engine, sure. But they won’t be loaded while you’re playing something.

        I suspect it’s a case of concentrating on showing what can be done quickly. Anything bigger is for when the game launches, if they’re building the whole game part of it using those same tools. Hopefully at this point most of the work is going on that side of it. Build the playable part of it, presumably with lots of notes to the people working on the creative side saying “This is broken, and can we have it do this as well?”

        And based on what they did with the LBP games, there’s going to be a lot of work on tutorials, hopefully with a friendly voice to explain things. I guess that can’t be done until everything’s nearly ready either.

        It’s all looking promising so far, and no real reason to suspect it’s going to be delayed much further. Or end up on the PS5. Or be a broken mess like LBP3.

      • Hopefully it is just about what they can show in a typical presentation and good point about the tutorials too.

      • They’ve shown lots of stuff in their regular live streams, the game will have a thermometer like LBP and if you can re-use your assets in creative ways (e.g resize, rotate & mirror the same 5 rocks to make a complex mountain) then you can make some enormous environments.

  4. Actually looking forward to this.

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