The Onrush 4.0 Update Delivers Four New Space-tacular Tracks

Vroom vroom.

Onrush is brilliant, definitely one of my top racing games of the year and it’s receiving some excellent post release content, despite not setting the charts on fire at launch. Codemasters have released the rather sizeable 4.0 update today, which contains four brand new tracks:

  • Arraku: A particularly visually arresting track, it appears to be a futuristic Mars based setting – with massive space ships blasting at each other above the planet.
  • Cascades Way: A more traditional Onrush track, albeit with giant space ships flying overhead.
  • Jedhora: looks like a medieval village… with spaceships .
  • Smithbends: A wild west setting this one, with the wreckage of humongous space fairing vessels to drive through.

Codemasters have released a rundown of the track on youtube, presented by the incredibly perky sounding couple of Aran and Christina.

OnRush is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: YouTube

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