Observe The Reveal Trailer For Observation

Artificial Intelligence may soon become a hot topic, as politicians’ angrily debate what exactly we’re going to do when the computers’ steal all our jobs. One job we probably shouldn’t let an A.I steal, according to the reveal trailer for Observation, is that of running a space station, because it looks like things may go horribly wrong as a result.

Developer’s No Code. who responsible for horror title Stories Untold,  are keeping their cards close to their chest regards Observation, promising to share more information as the week continues. What we do know is that it is a ”sci-fi thriller” and that the player will “take control of SAM, an onboard AI, assisting crew member Dr. Emma Fisher after a mysterious event damages the station and seems to cause the rest of the crew to vanish”.

It’s a rather exciting reveal trailer, check it out here:

Observation is to be released for PS4 and PC in Spring 2019.

Source: IGN